"End of Summer" Camp 

July 31- Aug 3


TDBA 3on3 League

"The Best League in Tampa"

 League Starts -July 29




We Invest at Least One (1) Full Hour Every Single Day to Shooting Fundamentals! Jump Shots, Bank Shots, Layups, Floaters Plus The Fundamentals Needed To Perfect Each of Them! We Make Over 200-250 Shots A Day & 500+ @ Shooting Camp! 


Kids Love the Razzle Dazzle. Every Kid Wants to Have Cool Moves & Highlights to Post on Social Media. This Part of Camp is Where We Teach Some "Oobie Doobie Jazz", But Don't Tell The Kids, We Do it In a Way That Builds Core Ball Skills So They Can Be More Effective in the Games!


Every Day of Camp We Focus on One (1) Hard Core Fundamental. Essentially, We Take a Basic Fundamental That is Often Overlooked, Rarely Taught Properly & Turn it Into an Unstoppable Move That is Useful in a Real Game Situation. All the "ooby doobie jazz" looks good on YouTube, but the Jump Stop, Aggressive Pivot & Busting Out of Traps are Real Fundamentals That Help Teams Win!


Games Are Always The Most Fun Part of Camp! We Use Games As A Teaching Tool. Learn The Basics of Pick & Roll, Dribble Handoffs and Traditional Half Court Offenseive Sets and Get All Sorts of Prizes and Rewards For Doing So! We Do Tournaments in 1on1, 3on3 & 5on5 With Focus on Skills That Are Key To Becoming a Complete Player!

See what the parents say.

Thousands of clients are glad they chose TDBA.

"Over 4 hour drive and a week vacation for the boys to attend his summer camp. Well worth it. You ask the boys, they will say the best one yet!"


"There are not many situations in sports today, unfortunately, where a coach CARES about your child, let alone actually COACH them! Teddy truly loves each and every child that comes to him! I couldn't think of a better person that I would expose my boys to. EVERYTHING he teaches is not only about basketball, but life! I have watched my boys's skills drastically improve but also become better young men with his direction! Thank you, Teddy! You are a BLESSING!!!

- Angie

"My son is already a good shooter, Teddy's tips are making him an even better shooter."

- Wesley

"Made the Trip from Fort Myers to Tampa. Coach Dupays focus, energy, knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication, organization,passion, hard work, patients, etc, etc, unmatched to teach the game and give back to kids he loves!"


"Excellent clinic today coach Dupay!! When I asked Nathan how was it? He said, " In all the summer camps and the clinics I have done within the last 3 years, this has been the best!" He loves your teaching style and your good sense of humor, important keys to get your players attention while preserving their confidence, and dignity."

- Rosa

"What awesome instruction and interaction. Great training and applications on all levels of playing. Absolutely recommend."

- Alexa

"Simply the best coaching our 10yo son has ever received. We are a basketball family and take the game and our investment in it very seriously. We've seen a world of difference in our son's skill level, confidence on the court, attitude and game maturity. "


"What a truly gifted coach! These clinics are FUN, technical and very well organized. My son is evidently improving his skills, and his confidence is soaring! All this in no small way due to coach Teddy and his positive and thoughtful approach to teaching."

- Jennifer

"My son went for a week and he loved it. He's going back again. The excitement he showed each day about what he learned and what they did was priceless."

- Melissa

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